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Second Opinion

A DIPG/DMG diagnosis comes with difficult treatment decisions that need to be made quickly. Getting a second, or sometimes third, opinion from a medical center that specializes in DIPG/DMG tumors is highly recommended.


DIPG and DMG tumors tend to advance quickly, so medical teams typically want to start treatment as quickly as possible. Doctors who specialize in DIPG and DMG understand this need for speed. Many are able to provide a second opinion via a virtual appointment, which will decrease the stress and expense of needing to travel. 

Medical professionals who specialize in DIPG and DMG will offer guidance on tumor biopsy options, information on upcoming clinical trials, and progression care appropriate for your child. Medical centers that specialize in DIPG and DMG will have at least one pediatric neuro-oncologist, along with a neurosurgeon, neuroradiologist, and neuropathologist who are trained to correctly diagnose and treat DIPG and DMG.