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This journey can often cause a financial strain on the family. In addition to the resources listed here that can provide financial relief in a variety of ways, the following are some key considerations that you may want to consider:

  1. The patient’s health insurance should cover many routine costs related to diagnosis, biopsy, sequencing, radiation, and MRI imaging. 
  2. Additional assistance can usually be provided by Medicaid. If you choose to obtain a biopsy, MRI, and/or radiation, the Medicaid program will often require these to be done in your state of residence. There most likely will be a pre-approval process if you choose to obtain treatment out-of-state, and this can present some challenges.
  3. Consider requesting that a case manager be assigned to your child to expedite approvals for treatment when required and to help manage copays, deductibles, and potential denial of coverage. A case manager can help with appeals for out-of-state care. At times, you may need to contact your U.S. representative or U.S. senator’s office for assistance.