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Overview of Program

My DIPG Navigator Program

The devastation that comes with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) or diffuse midline glioma (DMG) diagnosis can leave a family in shock and disbelief. Discovering next steps for the best treatment options available can often be overwhelming and must be done quickly.

Our dedicated Nurse Navigators are your trusted source for the reliable information you need to understand and manage care for your patient. With years of experience in pediatric oncology, our nurses will connect you to the proper resources you need to make the most informed decisions throughout your family’s entire DIPG/DMG journey.

Our Nurse Navigators will provide:

  • A guaranteed response within 12 hours
  • Personalized guidance along every step of the DIPG/DMG journey, such as:
    • Understanding the diagnosis
    • Getting a second opinion
    • Locating and getting connected to DIPG/DMG Medical Experts
    • Biopsy considerations
    • Exploring possible treatment options
    • Identifying and helping to get enrolled in potential clinical trials
    • Serving as a liaison to improve physician-patient interactions
    • Handling side effects
  • Education to help understand the medical world of DIPG/DMG:
    • What is DIPG/DMG?
    • Treatment options
    • What to expect throughout your journey
  • Connection to additional support organizations and groups to meet non-medical needs
  • Encouragement and support